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good morning, everyone. we are taking a live look over the washington monument right now. we'll get a check of weather just in a second with tony perkins this morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. tony is in with the latest on your forecast for today. hopefully a decent one. we'll see, i guess. >> it depends on what you consider decent. we will have a few rain showers during the course of the day today. could even see some thunderstorm activity later on this afternoon. we'll show you what is
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happening later on across the region. we do have rain showers coming across here and there. there are some thunderstorms occurring up in person portions of been pen and western maryland a little bit later on this morning. about for us, mainly some shower activity and maybe a little bit of a break later during the morning, early afternoon and more rain and possibly thunderstorms. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region if we can get it to work. right now, current temperature in washington is 45 degrees. 45 in the district. 43 in gaithersburg. annapolis at 46 degrees. 45 in winchester. your forecast for today, overcast with rain, gusty winds, maybe some isolated thunderstorms this afternoon, high today will be in the mid and perhaps even the upper 60s. the wind later on could gust up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. more coming up in a little bit.
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>> thank you. another night of air strikes offer libya. in the capital, ghadafi forces fired heavy anti-aircraft into the air. one of the missile targets was one of ghadafi's compounds but coalition leaders insist the leader is not a target. good aftery did declare another cease-fire last night but the rebels say they don't believe it. police are speaking out about what may have led to a murder inside a bethesda clothing store. officials a brittany norwood tied up her coworker and stabbed her to death and tried to cover it up. the 28-year-old is due in court today for a bond review. a 15-year-old girl is behind bars this morning accused of murdering another teenager.
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police say she shot and killed 18-year-old gary gordon of southeast d.c. this all happened at the washington view apartments on stanton road. authorities say it is unclear for gordon knew the girl accused of killing him. gordon was just months shy of graduating from anacostia high. an explosion at a coal mine in pakistan killed 21 people and trapped another # 1 men inside the mine. but officials say there is little chance they will be saved. poisonous methane gas is slowing rescue workers who are trying to save the trapped miners. the fairfax county urban search and rescue team is back home now from japan. they are sharing their harrowing stories of an unforget -- an unforgettable task. maureen umeh has more on this. >> reporter: it is a bittersweet home coming for the 74 members of the fairfax urban search and rescue team. >> to walk through there and see the devastation when you first pull up and to look at
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effect, it is just overwhelming. >> everything was very devastating. you can imagine losing all of your possessions including family members and it was very devastating. >> reporter: despite their round the clock efforts, the team found no survivors. >> you wonder how they can ever pick up. there is just debris and logs and destruction over such a wide area that it is hard to even imagine how they could start to clear it because there is nothing that is still intact. >> reporter: but the team is returning in high spirits. man say just being there finding victims helped give survivors closure. they were thanked by japan's ambassador to the u.s. >> all the americans are so proud of you and people in japan are so grateful to you.
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>> reporter: if family members, the team's hard work is nothing new but they say this time around, knowing the ongoing threats of aftershocks and a nuclear meltdown, made them worry more than usual. they are happy and relieved to have their loved ones finally home. >> i'm very proud of them and proud of the way they're representing us and they don't look at themselves as heroes but we all do. good morning. it is 4:30 on this morning as we take a live look over washington, d.c. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tony perkins. >> good morning to you. >> earlier, i said hopefully it was decent. i was being very hopeful. i was like maybe it changed overnight but not going to be great. >> we've got a few showers out there this morning passing
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across portions of the viewing area and i think during the day today we'll see more periods of run and maybe even some thunderstorm activity during the afternoon hours. that is certainly a possibility. good morning. let's start by showing you the latest radar image. not everybody is getting rain right now. certainly some rain showers or falling. the heaviest rain showers are well out to the west across portions of western maryland, west virginia and western portions of pennsylvania. here, it is just some shower activity coming through. maybe a bit of a break after the morning hours and during the afternoon, some more periods of rain and perhaps some thunderstorms as well. tein the 40s, mid-40s here in the washington area. we're at 45 degrees. there we go. 45degrees here in washington. 45 in leonardtown. 45 out to our west and you will
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continue to seat temperatures in the 40s. later on -- to see the temperatures in the 40s. later on, we'll see them push up to the mid- to upper 60s. winds become blustery in the afternoon. that is a look at the forecast. more coming up in just a bit. we'll check in with julie in just a few minutes. let's check some other top stories. the united states military says a rain of missiles and bombs have succeeded in degrading moammar ghadafi's air defenses. more poms hit the capital of tripoli last night. the libyan leader is promising a long war. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen says the mission is limited to helping the libyan people. >> this is not about going
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after ghadafi himself or taxing him at this particular point in time. it is about achieving these their owe and relatively limited objectives so he stops killing his people and so humanitarian support can be provided. >> the united states is leading the bombing effort so far but defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. will soon hand off the lead role possibly to a british and french coalition. stories making local headlines this morning. a 15-year-old girl is behind bars accused of murdering another teenager. police say she shot and killed 18-year-old gary gordon of southeast d.c. this all happened at the washington view apartments on stanton road. officials say it is still unclear for gordon knew the girl accused of killing him. he was just months shy of graduating from anacostia high school. the suspect in a crime that shocked a bethesda community is due in court today. for days, police were on the lookout for two men who they believe sexually assaulted two
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employees inside the lululemon store killing one of them. now, officials say that story was all a cover-up. fox 5's sherry ly is live with more on this bizarre murder case and a possible motive here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. brittany norwood, who claims she was the victim of this violent crime, is now the suspect. she is due in court here in rockville today. police say her story just didn't add up. norwood is charged with murdering her coworker at a bethesda yoga store. her arrest was a stunning twist in a murder that shocked the community. 30-year-old jayna murray was killed after closing the store on friday night. they are found the next morning. norwood said two masked men wearing gloves confronted them, beat and sexually assaulted them being killed murray and left nor -- norwood tied up but the evidence said
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otherwise. >> it could be a workplace dispute involving those two employees. >> reporter: the "washington post" is reporting that that workplace dispute had something to do with stolen merchandise from the store. police say there was other evidence that did not add up, that norwood's injuries and self-inflicted. there were also only two sets of footprints. now, a review of court records showed that norwood did have some financial struggles a few years ago including a lien for a student loan as well as an eviction. a witness in the apple store next door did say they heard loud arguments the night of the murder. back to you. >> thank you. now to the latest on the disaster in japan. it has been a week and a half since the devastating earthquake but in an amazing story of survival, and 08-year- old woman and her teenaged grandson were pulled from the rubble alive. they were stuck for nine days, both as you can imagine very
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weak but conscious. workers at the damaged nuclear plant have made progress in cooling the overheating reactors. but other countries are worried about their own nuclear plants. before a report. >> reporter: almost 80% of france's power comes from nuclear power plants. this week, china already announceed a moratorium on new power plants. as the world watches to see if the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant goes into meltdown, there is concern about the spent fuel rods. some scientists are saying this could have all been foreseen and a contingency plan put in place. while radiation is a carcinogen, it is still hard to tell what health concerns could arise. >> the radiation today and yesterday in the area surrounding the fukushima dai- ichi power plant is lower than
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the radiation fields observed in the chernobyl accident for the same distances. >> reporter: there have been talks in the israeli parliament to have their nuclear reactors guarded. japan's nuclear power reactors weren't built to with strand such a strong earthquake. there is talk about trying to move away from nuclear power plants to alternative sources of energy. a deadly scene at a coal mine. coming up next, nearly two dozen bodies have been pulled from the mine and dozens more workers are still trapped there. we'll explain what happened and we'll get an update after the break. a house goes up in flames. an investigator says a cigarette may be to blame for
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this one, in more ways than you might think. 
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a developing story in pakistan where a cave-in at a coal main trapped 31 coal workers underground. officials say chances of survival are not good. rescuers recovered 15 bodies and say they all suffocated from methane gas. u.s. defense secretary robert gaiters is in russia today. he is going to meet with russian leaders in hopes to expand u.s. russian cooperation. secretary gates says i wants to ease moscow's worries over a missile defense shield in europe. this is expected to had beenies final visit as u.s. defense secretary. a cigarette may to be blame for a massive fire at a
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montgomery county home. crews searched the house and found what they call nonsafe cigarettes. the fire chief says only the cigarettes sold in maryland are designated as safe cigarettes because they are designed to put themselves out. >> if somebody doesn't take a breath on a cigarette within, let's say 30 seconds, the paper will burn to the band and self- extinguish the cigarette. >> officials say a man in the home is not doing well. his wife is also in the burn unit this morning mpleght their home was completely destroyed by that fire. a mass -- in the burn unit this morning. their home was completely destroyed by that fire.
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a scene that may conjure up some unpleasant memories. an oil slick in the gulf coast but this one is fresh and a mystery. we'll have details coming up next. plus, are you feeling stressed out? the problem could be with what you're eating. we'll tell you what foods to reach for if you are feeling down. tony? >> also coming up, we have the latest on today's forecast. take the umbrella with you. you will likely need it. also, julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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we are taking a live look over the win. you can see traffic on there picking up later on today. first, the u.s. coast guard is investigating a mile-long oil slick along the gulf coast. officials say it could be come ago shore and they are trying to pinpoint the cause. the coast guard is testing it because it has a rainbow sheen to it and that is similar to colors in sheens liked to oil spills. let's get a check with the weather with tony perkins. i keep wanting to say tucker barnes because he is always in
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at this time. i know we have some rain coming on later today. >> we have a few scattered rain showers out there right know and more rainfall on tap we think for later on today. is it going to rain straight through the day? no, but there will be periods of rain and maybe some thunderstorms as well. first, let's start by looking back to yesterday. the high temperatures yesterday a little bit below normal of a a warm day on friday and a nice day on saturday. yesterday's high at reagan national was 54 degrees. our average high for the date would have been 57 degrees. dulles international, 53. bwi marshall, 50 degrees for your high yesterday. we will do better than that today. we expect to seat temperatures increase today. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. dulles is at 4 #. cumberland, 45. you are likely starting to get
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some rain in there. spheefensville, maryland -- stevensville, maryland is at 45 degrees right now. some showers coming through washington right now. i'm not even certain that all of that is hitting the ground. it is popping up so we have moisture out there. i mentioned cumberland, you can see off to the west in western maryland, that is where they'll get some heavier rain. maybe some thunderstorm activity during the morning hours. for the rest of the us, showers this morning and then probably a bit of a break and more rainfall coming through. gusty winds with that storm system as it comes through and maybe a couple of thunderstorms here and there. so the forecast for today looks like this. rain, then showers becoming windy. afternoon, isolated thunderstorms are possible. look for a high around 65 degrees. winds gusting up to about 30 miles per hour. for tonight, we'll see more periods of rain as a possibility. mostly cloudy skies. 48degrees for your overnight
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low in town and still rather breezy. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. we'll have more coming up for you in just a little bit. right now, we go to julie wright for traffic. >> no problems reported now if you are traveling to and from the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely out of oxon hill headed over towards alexandria. live shot of traffic coming southbound out of rockville off of 270. easy commute as you continue out towards the lane divide. no problems to report off of i- 70 coming southbound down towards the exit ifs rockville. you will also find traffic volume moving at speed along 66 as you guys travel east of 7100 headed in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. now to a consumer alert this morning. the disafter ther in japan is starting to have ripple effects on the economy here in the u.s.
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a gm plant in shreveport, louisiana will shut down because it doesn't have the parts it needs to continue manufacturing. those parts come from japan. city leaders as you can imagine are very concerned. >> we're a manufacturing facility. we like to come to work and build trucks. that is what we get paid to do and that is what we like to do. >> it is not a good thick. when bad things happen, it ripples through the economy. >> reporter: some members of the united auto workers union have already been laid off. verizon wireless is about to lose its spot at the top of the cell phone service industry. at&t is planning to buy the american branch of t-mobile for $39 billion in cash and stock. at&t would become the largest cell phone company in the country. verizon wireless currentlies that that distinction. both at&t and t-mobile have agreed on the plan an will likely be done in about a year. now to a health alert this morning.
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a lot of people reach for food when they're feeling down or stressed out. instead of eating something loaded with calories, reach for ready to eat food that can make you feel better. we have a report. >> reporter: you know the opened saying, you are what you eat. that includes how stressed out you feel. >> if you choose to go for chocolates, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, then you can expect that you might not feel your best. >> reporter: nutritionist and author jillian mckeefe says certain foods will calm you down naturally. put black berries, strawberries, blueberries in your grocery list. >> can you not go wrong. berry smoothies, so easy to make. >> reporter: if you are feeling down, reach for a banana. kill january calls it the best
4:51 am
fast food around. >> bananas are great for stress relief because they contain tryptophan and low levels of tryptophan have been shown to be involved in depression and potentially binge eating in women. >> reporter: red onions can elevate your mood and it doesn't matter if it is raw or cooked. >> it has a positive effect on brain chemistry. so what you want to do is chop up the onion into a salad, use it in soups, use it in stews. so simple. >> reporter: sprinkling oregano onto your food will also have a positive effect on your well being. but jill january says it is important to eat a well-rounded diet and mix it up. >> you need to vary the foods that you eat. so have them on a four-day rotation or even a three-day rotation. >> reporter: she suggests keeping a food diary may help you pinpoint foods that put you in a better mood. a tough weekend for the local hoops teams. the hoyas and the george mason
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patriots both bounced from the big dance. but it is not a total loss for our area. the distinction that has fans in our area buzzing. sports is upnext. 
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to sports now. only one city in the entire country has two teams in the sweet 16, richmond, the richmond spiders and the vcu rams. meantime, the road has come to an end to the george mason patriots. they suffered a blowout loss to number one overall seed ohio state last night. the patriots jumped you out to the an 11-2 lead but it was all ohio state after that. the final score 98-66. dave feldman has more from cleveland. >> reporter: george mason had
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its season come to an end on sunday arc i season that boasted the best record in school history. >> you mean 27-7 and most of those games that we lost were to good teams, great teams. i mean going out this way to ohio state was a real great ball club. i mean it might have been an ugly game but i wouldn't have expected to beat them. >> reporter: as if dealing with the torrid shooting wasn't enough, mason had to play short land handed. luke hancock got sick last night, never felt good today and spent the first half throwing up with an iv in his arm at the team hotel. but the hero on friday never got on the court on sunday. >> it was bad news, you know. any of our teammates being sick, no matter who it is, you're not happy about that. all can you do is go out there and try to get the victory for
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them. >> reporter: early on, it looked like they might. mason jumped on to an 11-2 lead but cam long knew it was early in the game. >> it was 11-2. with a team like that, i knew it would be a battle regardless. they definitely showed it to us. >> reporter: boy, did they. ohio state started making everything in sight. in the blink of an eye, mason was down 26 points at the half. they were only outscored by six in the second half but by then, the game was over. the number one seed moves on to newark, new jersey in the sweet 16. mason heads back to fairfax. hoops season is over. >> it was pretty tough losing by a lot. it is embarrassing even though we're in ohio and it was a home game. it was embarrassing to go out like this. it's not like you can come back next year in college and play. you just got to deal with it. >> i think this team has put a lot of effort into the entire
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year and one of the reasons we were so successful is the effort was there every day in practice and in every game. >> reporter: in cleveland, ohio, dave feldman, fox 5 sports. >> the ncaa tournament, the big topic as well, president obama's selections and was this past weekend the best sports weekend of the year. here is dave ross and wisdom martin. >> wisdom martin is always on. that is all i can say. >> you know what? first of all, that is clearly someone i have schooled in basketball. that is clearly why he is angry and upset telling me that i'm wrong. >> i appreciate the fact he took the time on a camera
4:58 am
phone. the quality of it might not be that good. the message is crystal clear. you are always wrong. what can you be wrong about this week? >> you know the ncaa tournament? >> i'm familiar with it. >> the ball is getting rolling. is this the best weekend in all of sports? >> well, if we incorporate all four days into the weekend, if we can seal in thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, it is hard to beat. because you get four days of action, right? if we're just going saturday, sunday, friday, saturday sunday, i might put up there the second round of the nfl. you get two on saturday and two on sunday. that is pretty darned good. but if it is a four-day thing you're ask me, i will agree it is the best four days of non- stop action. i know it is all hoops. >> it is clearly the best. without a shadow of the doubt, it is the best. you have the teams, the hopes
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and dream of these college students are riding on these games. you're one and done. and it's over. this is the best. >> let me just tell you really quickly f i could, i could give you a system in college football, if we had a playoff system in college football, which we don't, but if we did, i would have a formula to have the two games played on saturday and two nfl games on sunday. it would beat what we have currently. >> great idea but it is a dream. >> speaking about dreams, the president of the united states, barack obama, you heard of him? >> i've heard of him. >> he filled out a pick ever year for the ncaa tournament. he picked all four number one seeds to go to the final four. mr.president, please. are you front running all the way to the white house whitehouse? what is that all about. >> i got no

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